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Samsung UN55C8000 like a window to another world THE WORLD OF UN55C8000

Since Now not necessary to go in a cinema to experience 3D, with this extraordinary TV unit you can enjoy three dimensional breathtaking effects and super-real picture quality in the comfort of own sitting room . Really impressive viewing experience, when Action advances off the screen with advanced 3D technology from Samsung UN55C8000

Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV the gadget with LED lighting technology and slim contemporary design (the thickness of the display is 0.9 inches only). 1-inch frame, made with a nice looking brushed aluminum finish the ideal addition to the thin panel. This full HD1080p TV has a super fast response time (2ms!!) for better display of fast moving action, great range of dynamic contrast , smoothes dynamic scenes with a frequency of 240 Hz. Samsung UN55C8000 ready offer to the user a large number of useful modes.

Converter Mode ֲ«2D/three dimensionalֲ» for the conversion of usual 2D content into 3D. The picture gets deepness, though its quality depends on the source materials. When relevant metadata detected ֲ«3D Auto Viewֲ» function switches the UN55C8000 in 3D format. This model has one more good feature - the presence of ֲ«Precision Dimming Technologyֲ», for bright and rich colors, sharp contrast, deeper blacks and whiter whites without the "samsung i8520 halo" effect. Enjoy endless entertainment with Internet @TV platform from Samsung UN55C8000 , just connect Samsung UN55C8000 to internet and get Social Networking , Video, Music, Newsֲ  plus entire set of internet applications directly on your big screen LED panel. Make free video calls in High definition using Skypeג„¢ on your Samsung TV, simple plug in a Freetalk TV camera. 

15 watt stereo speakers for Perfect sound along with multichannel support Game Mode: Picture and sound quality optimized for the special needs of gaming systems at the touch of a button. Two-port USB, 4 HDMI, one Ethernet port and one composite with stereo audio are is located on the rear solar panel. Set of the TV UN55C8000 can boasts with pleasant accessories: Table top stand with chrome trim and a remote control with backlit buttons. Other pleasant surprises for the buyer: this HDTV, which, by the way, made with eco-friendly materials, will save you money on energy bills, as it's energy consumption is noticeably reduced (exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards!). And the main one- the Samsung UN55C8000, having perfect technical characteristics and capabilities, has a very reasonable price.


I knowit's a really "geeky" thing to perform...have a circle of HD TV Buddies, but that's what I've somehow managed to find myself with. The only reason I can think of for this is that I share my excitement for HD TV UN55C8000  with these (mainly) Guys...

and you know what us Guys are like when we get excited about something.So, it was no surprisewhen I pickedup the phone to a wildly Bryn in Seattle. I met Bryn at a TV trade show in Seattle a couple of years back and we just hit it off over a couple of beers.What was he so excited about? Del, "I'vegota 3D'er" he enthused! Wow, we talked 3D a couple of months back after my visit to London, but I didn't think he was serious. "Yeah, I went and got a Samsung UN55C8000 55 Inch 3D LED TV UN55C8000 " he enthused, "It's stunning, Del"! So, after sitting and listening to him go on about how wonderful it wasfor a good twenty min's, he finally said...

"Anyway Man, come downand have a look"How could I possibly refuse, so here's my review of Bryn's new Samsung UN55C8000 55 Inch three dimensionalLED TV.First a few words from Bryn..."It was a huge leap to "go 3D" and I knew Teri wasn't convinced, nonetheless I was couldn't hide my excitement when my (i'm sorry, our) new Samsung UN55C8000 was finally delivered". So, when my new Samsung "C" Series arrived, I looked at the box and wondered what it would be like. The sales puff promises "full real life 3D UN55C8000 ", "you willbe immersed in the action" add to that a jack pack that offered more connectivity than you could shake a stick at and this TV has it all. According to Samsung anyway"."As Teri helped me slide out of the package...the first glimpse - oh what a beauty".Indeed it is, it's got a stylishslate gray surround and the blackest screen I've ever seen.I was awe struck at the sheer beauty of this thing!First up Bryn told me it took a while to sort out. 

"Of course the kids and Teri wanted it on right away", "but I'm glad I decided to read the manual properly and do the set up right, even if it took a while".So, if you're getting a UN55C8000  3D TV, be prepared for some initial pain. Make sure you prepare the familyfor the config time, especially if you've not attempted a new TV, Blu-Ray and surround sound install before. Make sure they understand it's not just plug in and watch!Fortunately Bryn is an organized and logical sort, so he did the sensible thing and sat down to read the manual - good move!This is what he had to say about configuration. "With the a stack of connectivity to sort out, including wireless connectivityto increasethe surround and Blu-Ray, it was a big job. There are also a load of "widgets" that you need to "configure". Things like Yahoo, YouTube and Flickr. For my cashthe manualis good - but I am technical, so I'm used to technical manuals. But it was set out well and easy to follow".One of the things that attracted Bryn to the Samsung UN55C8000 55 Inch 3D LED TV is that it has the built in ability to take normal 2D pictures and turn them into 3D. Bryn admitted he did find it a little awkward to get this working well though."I'm glad I took the trouble to go through the full configuration and to get this right first time", he said.Why.

When I had a look the truth became obvious. The converted 2D images are not the best. The picture tended to blur quite a bit...I think the technical term is "crosstalk". It was watchable but not much more, consequently our hopes for native 3D weren't as high as they might have been. However, when we switched to a true 3D source and thefull force of native UN55C8000  3D came alive...WOW! That's all - WOW!Although...there is another configuration matter to address. In common with all 240Hz HD TVs there is the "Spanish Soap Opera" look. No, I didn't understand either until I saw it.

So, what is it? Well, it's an overblown effect that the manufacturers reckon makes the picture look more like the one you get when you actually go to the cinema. Apparently there are lots of fans! Personally I find that hard to believe because I like the picture OF UN55C8000  crisp and clear - I like full clarity!So, the Samsung UN55C8000 55 Inch 3D LED TV had to be configured and Bryn again had to dig into the menu system a bit to find the "off" switch.The effort was worthwhile though as the full native 3D imagewas working, it was almost beyond belief - the 3D is just amazing. Yes, I know what that sounds like, but you simply have to see it - it is fantastic!The picture is robust and crystal clear, the 3D is amazing and the Bryn's kids just loved it. Apparently they've been watching Monsters v Aliens virtually non-stop. The paddle bit is brilliant (yes, it made me jump) and the space scenes at the start are simply stunning. We also had a take a look atStar Trek which is alsojust brilliant in 3D, especially when they dive off the rig. 

There was still the odd bit of "crosstalk" even with native 3D, but it's very occasional. Overall I was very, very impressed. UN55C8000  also pretty impressive that UN55C8000  3D stays true when you move quite a ay to the side of the screen.You might believegoing back to normal 2D after 3D would be a let down, but the complete1080p and 240Hz make forbrilliantpictures. With such an incredibly black screen the contrast in the colors when it burst into life is almost beyond belief I am completely in awe of the picture it provides. Deep rich but bright color, brilliant, vibrant, shining, crystal, sharp, stunning contrast...this is without doubt the best picture I have ever seen on a TV.

The bottom line is this, in my humble opinion the C series Samsungs takes home theatrea new and higher level.Despite the odd bug here and therewhich Samsung say they will be sending a fix for soon, Bryn and his wonderful family are blissfully happy with their new Samsung UN55C8000 55 Inches3D LED TV.Bryn said "I paid my money and took my chance on going 3D and I think I've won - big time".

"It certainly wasn't cheap to to upgrade the lot - surround system, 3D Blu-Ray and of course, remember you have to buy 3D glasses for the entire family!""But for under $4k we now have UN55C8000  home entertainmentfar and above what we had previously. I'm not sure how long the "WOW" factor will remain, but at the moment I simply don't care because I'm loving it - and so are the family. Right now it seems worth every single cent!"Having now seen the Samsung UN55C8000 3D LED TV in action I have to agree, and I now have to persuade Ali to let me upgrade as well, and that is not going to be easy as I only went 240 /1080 12 months ago!So, yes, I recommend 3D UN55C8000  as a definite "YES". Go for it UN55C8000  I don't think you will regret it!

UN55C8000 3D technology THE NEW TV UN55C8000

3D technology has beganto trickle into the world of home entertainmentwith high quality televisions leading the way. In this 3D TV review UN55C8000, we'll examine the Samsung UN55C8000, a 1080p 3D capable high-definition television that features a 240hz refresh rate. The supreme high-definition picture on this fifty-five inch television is made possible thanks to the LED-LCD screen. 

The Samsung UN55C8000 is a televisionthat is aimed toward the experienced HDTV owner looking to add 3D to the home entertainment experience. However, anyone looking for a stunning picture that reveals vivid colors and stunning depth in true high-definition should definitely consider this unit.The Samsung UN55C8000 is a3D TV, which meansall the owner needs to experience the brilliance of three dimension movies and television in their house is a 3D Blu-Ray player and a pair of active shutter 3D glasses for every viewer THAT WATCH UN55C8000

The recommended glasses for thisparticular Samsung television are the Samsung SSG-2200AR glasses that retail for around $200 a pair. However, those glasses feature rechargeable batteries, which means they are actually less expensive in the long run than lower priced glasses that require a new battery every other week. The three dimension images that come to life on this particular UN55C8000 are truly breath taking and well worth the investment.The Samsung UN55C8000 features four HDMI ports which make connecting every component available to the owner a snap. 

Furthermore, this Samsung 3D TV features a PC video input and two side USB ports that allow for easyconnection of a variety of gadgets. One of the most usefulfeatures in this unit is the ConnectShare moviefeature that allows users to simply connect a thumb drive and watch movies, view pictures, or even listen to music. The presence of an Ethernet port on this unit allows the device to connect to the internet. However, owners may consider purchasing a Samsung LinkStick for around $90 to connect wirelessly to their home network and avoid running additional cables to the television.

Once connected to the internet, either via cable or Samsung LinkStick, owners can experience content from providers like Netflix, Yahoo!, Flickr, and much more. All things considered, the Samsung UN55C8000 is an impressive 3D HDTV capable of delivering all of the content an owner could want in true high-definition. Owners can expect to experience great resolution on a variety of media. Plus, the television is elegant in design and looks great even whenpowered off.

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UN55C8000 - Enjoy 3D WITH UN55C8000

 I would really like to share with you my review about this UN55C8000 within this article. Several days ago I just bought this LED from Amazon and I'm really pleased. For this reason I would like to share with you my review about this UN55C8000. Before I bought UN55C8000 TV
I often hear about it from others. And not too long ago, my pal is very satisfied with UN55C8000  TV immediately after he bought it. So he wanted me to buy it too. I thought I need to learn more information concerning this LED; therefore I searched about this TV in the internet. I read a lot of reviews relating to UN55C8000  TV and I found out that many customers give wonderful reviews about it. After a while, I decided to purchase it.Right after the TV arrived, it proved that it is a great LED and also I'm truly happy about it.

This LED is Smart TV with Samsung Apps. This feature can connect you to your favorite digital content like videos, sports, games, social networking and much more. You can easily connect 4 compatible AV devices at the same time to your TV with 4HDMI. This 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate technology delivers even the fastest onscreen motion with utterly life like clarity. You can watch stunning color in this LED with Wide Color Enhancer Plus. This LED is also has Pin-Point Dimming feature. This technology delivers greatest range of dynamic contrast and rich, bright color.

UN55C8000  can minus the "halo" effect and also reduces energy consumption. You can enjoy music, movies and photos from your PC, camera and mobile devices, on your larger TV screen with Allshare. You can now enjoy your favorite movies in 3D; this 3D technology will bring the picture into life. You can get 3D experience in your living room just like you watch it in the cinema. This LED can save up to 50% energy less than the latest ENERGY STAR specification. There are some other excellence; however I can't explain it all here.Hopefully, my review can provide you with additional info on UN55C8000. I really love this TV and also I truly suggest this TV to you. I'm sure you will have no regret when you buy it. Believe me.

Samsung 55-Inch UN55C8000 Imagine The Possibilities WITH UN55C80008000

With the recent box office success of movies like Avatar, it wasn't going to be very long before manufacturers began to bring the 3D experience home. The Samsung UN55C8000 HDTV is one of the first 3D HDTVs to hit the market and it is a fantastic-looking HDTV unit.With a 55-inch screen, the Samsung UN55C8000 HDTV works with 3D LED LCD display and LED backlight to bring the richness and fullness of the 3D experience into your home. 

so why would we want 3D UN55C8000 in our homes all the time? Especially considering the host of other issues it seems to bring.Many who attend the IFA Tech Show, which is a world leading consumer tech show, feel that 3D at this point is still a joke. The images seem to remind you that you are watching 2 dimensional characters layering each other instead of being there. The glasses are burdensome and an added cost - like, how many pairs do you need at around $100 a pop? And what if you have extra people watching with you? This still does not count the fact that there are still blur issues, color problems and general discomfort of the 3D viewing experience.Those at the Tech Fair would have you believe in the near future you will see everyone in their homes sporting the black glasses.
It seems doubtful considering the Nielson Company's report that showed that nearly 70% of those asked are concerned with the cost of 3DTV while 44% are more concerned about the lack of 3D programming.For those who still want to consider 3D, there are more choices than the Samsung UN55C8000. The Sony BRAVIA LX9000 series 3D HDTV is said to use energy saving flow technology that offers the highest level picture quality. 
The motion flow technology is supposed to give a realistic viewing experience during even fast action scenes. And you still need the glasses.If you have the money to burn, then having a 3D HDTV in your home may be a fun addition to your home theater. The Samsung UN55C8000 may be a better choice for a price tag of around $2300. The Sony Bravia carries a price that is double that, which may or may not be worth it, depending on the viewer.However, if you can wait, it is said that the flow technology will get better and in a couple years we may have HDTV's in 3D that do not require glasses. Considering that 3D technology has been around for at least a couple decades, we can only hope. But if it will come to fruition, that has yet to be seen.

Samsung LED UN55C8000 3D HDTV

The Samsung UN55C8000 offers you great excitement in 3D entertainment. The picture quality is visually stunning. But its not all about the screen, it demonstrates a range connectivity features also to help keep you in touch beyond your home. The slender design of this 3D television and the Samsung technology make this a definite contender for consideration when choosing a 3DTV for your home entertainment.The Samsung UN55C800

0 - Get Connected:SAMSUNG SMART TV gives you the option to connect up to the web on your HDTV. Select and download customizable widgets to browse Blockbuster and YouTube, or you can connect to friends on Facebook and Twitter using this Samsung 3D television, share pictures and go shopping on line too. Much more than just a pretty TV!The Samsung UN55C8000 - Color and Lighting:The Samsung UN55C8000 3D TV also has a super LED backlight processor, this helps to provide you with a better quality picture and is within the greatest range of dynamic contrast and rich.

 get a whole new world of entertainment. Here is an additional area which will explode within the near future and if you're a techy that always wants to be part of this new digital way of life, the new Samsung's what you're trying to find. Those interested in games and specially online games will be wait for this model.Samsung Smart TV allows you to connect with the best of the internet directly to your HDTV with downloadable applications and customizable widgets, Communicate with your friends, share photos, on the internet shop and a lot a lot more. 
LED backlight innovative technology gives high definition in a new level of enjoyable, with our dynamic range of contrast and rich and brilliant colors. Impressive ultra-thin design adds more value to the versatility of style, although a touch of elegance to the color of the bezel accent adds two new colors and textures to your decor. Take pleasure in entertainment like never before.

Looking to Buy A 3D TV - Top 5 Reasons to Consider the Samsung UN55C8000 55 Inch 3D TV

If you are considering to buy 3D TV then you will have done your research. For example, you already know that 3D enabled televisions are the latest technological viewing advances. Some would argue, 3D viewing at home is just a fad or unnecessary luxury, but films like Avatar who have picked up many awards in the technology category must have got something right with making the movie in 3D?If you are considering a 3D enabled television, then the Samsung 55 Inch UN55C8000 may be worth a look at. 
Released in March 2010, this HDTV has already made a mark in it's short life. 
The following are the top 5 reasons to to buy this 3D enabled TV

.You can view movies and sports in 3D. You will need to buy 3D glasses which comes separately. The picture quality is excellent. In some previous Samsung HDTV's there was an issue of corner lighting. 
Not with this model. You can enjoy the full 1080HD capability with 240 hz clear motion rate. With fast moving images, you can watch it with clarity limiting the bluriness.

 Samsung UN55C8000 have built in applications on this HDTV. For example, you can stream videos, play games and share picture content. For movie buff's like myself, there is a choice of renting and buying instantly via Blockbuster, Amazon on demand and Netflix.

So now I have access to a library of movies in excess of thousands. They have also included favorite Internet sites, like youtube, facebook, twitter and pandora the personalized internet radio application.

 It is energy efficient with a slim, sleek design. The manufacturers claim that it is up to 50% more energy efficient than the latest energy star specifications. That is always good news, as conserving energy in today's lifestyle brings us small rewards, I can think of one, the energy bill as well as the environment of course!

 The connection capabilities are impressive. You can use a wireless DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) connector and have your PC or laptop audio and video files become available on your HDTV using the remote. You can connect digital cameras and thumb drives with ease using something called All share that is built into the HDTV.

 Buy 3D TV from Samsung and you get a very good after sales technical support. With this particular model you get one year parts and labor warranty with an in home service. As consumers we all know purchasing expensive goods does not guarantee excellent after sales support. The price of this 3D television does not come cheap. At $3000 at the time of writing, many shoppers may not be convinced by the price tag. On the other hand this is one of the first 3D enabled HDTV's and it does pack a punch on home viewing entertainment.

Certified Samsung UN55C8000 Review

Whats in this Samsung UN55C8000?Samsung's UN55C8000  8000 series LED TVs are great! The slim contemporary design ascent the entire display which has the best deepest blacks, and the greatest color because of the RGB Dynamic LED. The 3D technology configuration can change your favorite show into freaking 3D!Who will like this model?I think that anyone will a family who want their kids to watch 3D animation will love this.

Because when your kids are getting angry at you or getting loud, you just tell them to watch television and all of nowhere they are quiet. Also, some gamers will love UN55C8000 television to play games in 3D. YES, this will be perfect for gamers who want to play competitive online games in 3D like halo, call of duty series, and more.

the producer Samsung, are also taking a leadership roll in taking care of the enviroment. Samsung LED TVs make it easy to be green. Their current LED TVs not only meet ENERGY STAR 4.1 standards  they exceed them. So you save energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Make sure your environmental impact is a positive one with Samsung energy-efficient LED televisions. Conserving energy is up to all of us. Energy Star compliant Samsung LED TVs are made with eco-friendly materials and use less energy. So not only will the planet look better, utility bills will too.So enough said.Watch jaw-dropping action leap off the screen with Samsung 3D technology.  

How much is this UN55C8000?The UN55C8000 use to sell at $3500 but after a few months, they lowered their prices on Amazon to $2300. Why is it so cheap you might ask, to be honest they want people to buy them quickly. It is like the PS3 they sell it for a high price then they drop it down a lot.

An LED 3D TV Review Samsung UN55C8000

Another 3D TV from Samsung's line is the Samsung UN55C8000 which is 55 inches in length and is a 3D capable television. This HDTV is part of the Samsung's 8000 series of LED based liquid crystal display televisions. This television has an amazing feature set with awesome picture quality, plus a super slim profile with aesthetic cover.Though is television is an LCD TV, it used light emitting diodes to produce wonderful pictures.

LCD technology is combined with LED edge lit backlighting system.This television UN55C8000 has 1080p resolution with 240 Hz refresh rate and because the refresh rate is enhanced it gives us three benefits over the lower end LCD televisions: First, the higher the refresh rate, the better is the 3D content with the active shutter glasses. Second, playback movies are smooth and judder free. Third, a better viewing experience is offered to you for high speed video content such as sports and action movies and because of a higher refresh rate, motion blurs and ghosting issues are reduced to a minimum. Now you can have a smoother and more enjoyable television viewing experience.Yes, UN55C8000 television is superb in terms of the amazing viewing experience it gives and the many other features it possesses however there are things to watch out for.

  UN55C8000 The backlighting across the whole screen may be uneven brought about by the edge lit technology. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little for getting an ultra thin television. But wait, if you're the type who likes to view movies in the dark this flaw is not a problem anymore. Aside from the unevenness, some viewers have reported a halo effect when viewing the 3D content at CES 2010. Let's hope that Samsung will solve this issue before they will release this television in the market.A 3D active shutter based technology has been adopted by Samsung. An immersive and smooth 3D viewing experience is allowed by it 120 Hz refresh rate per eye. Also, HD enjoyment of 3D content is enabled with its 1080p resolution display. In addition, Samsung UN55C8000 has 3D up conversion technology that converts a regular 2D content into 3D material. We don't know yet how this will work well since we haven't experienced this conversion technology yet.

With this Samsung's Internet TV  it's always accessible. This certain feature was insulted with the models that were presented last year. Hopefully Samsung will enhance the utility of this feature.You can stream movies and images from YouTube, Flickr, Netflix and picasa. To add more can view news and media content from a wide variety of providers straight to you 3 dimensional television. A USB 2.0 connectivity is also included letting you play videos, listen to music with ease and view slideshows as much as you want.

- Samsung UN55C8000

Another 3D TV from Samsung's line is the Samsung UN55C8000 which is 55 inches in length and is a 3D capable television UN55C8000. This HDTV is part of the Samsung's 8000 series of LED based liquid crystal display televisions. This UN55C8000 has an amazing feature set with awesome picture quality, plus a super slim profile with aesthetic cover.Though is television is an LCD TV, it used light emitting diodes to produce wonderful pictures. LCD technology is combined with LED edge lit backlighting system.This television has 1080p resolution with 240 Hz refresh rate and because the refresh rate is enhanced it gives us three benefits over the lower end LCD televisions: First, the higher the refresh rate, the better is the 3D content with the active shutter glasses. Second, playback movies are smooth and judder free. Third, a better viewing experience is offered to you for high speed video content such as sports and action movies and because of a higher refresh rate, motion blurs and ghosting issues are reduced to a minimum.

The 3D TV reviews has been playing an essential role when it comes to influencing people's purchasing decisions. There are lots of excellent and promising high definition television sets which are out in the market right now. The product reviews that we read somehow affect the decisions we make as far as product features are concerned. 1 of the products that are gaining so much good reviews these days is the Samsung UN55C8000. It has been said that this is the most common TV model from Samsung nowadays. This brand has been known all over the world for providing the international market with the most powerful television sets. Its size is the most obvious reason why a lot of gadget and technology reviewers love the  TV Samsung UN55C8000. The screen measures 55 inches. Simply because of the large screen, this HDTV is very promising when it comes to far better viewing and it's also excellent for huge living rooms.

Movie enthusiasts will truly have a amazing time watching their favorite movies with their buddies and family in their own living room making use of this 3D television set. If you are sports fanatic, this may be a excellent gadget to make use of to watch your favorite sport being aired live on your television set. A 3D TV set can revolutionize your movie watching. It would be as if your are physically in the sporting arena where the your favorite sport is being played live. Most of the 3D TV reviews also tell us that this model allows the customers to save a lot more energy. This is simply because of its LED technology that we can discover inside the TV set. Even so, its viewing quality is still very superior allowing us to take pleasure in watching movies or even play pc games on this high definition television set. Despite the fact that Samsung UN55C8000 comes with lots of great features, customers should still expect a price tag which may possibly be a little expensive than other brands for 3D HDTV.For gamers, the Samsung UN55C8000 is a very good news to them. Gaming with the use of this TV set can genuinely be extremely pleasurable and highly remarkable. Aside from its 3D technology, it has a game mode that's built in. This feature is quite suitable for games with advanced graphic technology and quick speed. Its sounds have been enhanced to make gaming mode quite exciting and fun. The wonderful thing that most of the 3D TV reviews say about this brand of television is its ability to allow the users to stream videos over the world wide web. The Samsung UN55C8000 can permit streaming of movies on-line or watch videos on YouTube. This is the added feature in 3D HDTV from Samsung that we can barely see in other brands of television sets.


Cheapest Samsung UN55C8000

I bought UN55C8000 based on the good review at Home Theater Mag. I'm not disappointed..it is a great set. I have zero flashlighting (I could see minor glimpses of it on the 7000 series), it has great black level and contrast, and a very clean/sharp picture. This is a great TV UN55C8000 for 2D alone...throw in 3D as a bonus, and it's a great value.

Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTVGreat picture quality, poor quality controlPicture quality is excellent. Black isn't perfect but better than any LCD I've seen. Clouding is not an issue, and I don't have a "flashlighting" problem. I compared last years 8500 and this years C8000 in store before purchasing; C8000 had better PQ IMHO in store, and I'd take the lack of blooming on the C8000 over the potentially better blacks on the Samsung UN55C8000 . I gave up on Anynet and purchased a Harmony remote. Too bad Samsung firmware doesn't let you set the "default" input to be HDMI (Another device turning off changes TV input to Coax using HDMI-CEC). A little customization would go a long way in making Anynet usable. I really wish the Game Mode setting had a discrete remote code, or at least wasn't buried 10+ steps into the menu. I am not crazy about the silver bezel; wish it was dark grey or black, but it is a step up for Piano Gloss Black for me which really shows prints and looks tacky to me even without prints.ֲ My TV is in a pretty bright room.

Looks almost perfect for how I watch it, night or day, though admittedly at night I can detect a tiny amount of non-uniformity in very isolated dark scenes and a small amount of flashlighting with letterbox scenes. At the end of the day, this is the best TV picture quality I have personally seen to date, regardless of technology or price.ֲ The settings I changed from the default:ֲ Mode OF Samsung UN55C8000 Standardֲ Backlight: OF Samsung UN55C8000 12ֲ Contrast OF Samsung UN55C8000: 90ֲ AMP: Clearֲ Eco Mode: On (Great feature, otherwise TV is too bright at night)ֲ -Lowest Backlight: 7ֲ My Personal Ratings:ֲ Picture Quality during day: 9/10 - glossy screen, perfect otherwiseֲ Picture Quality at night: 9/10 - minor lighting uniformity issues or 'clouding'ֲ Picture Quality compared to Plasma - Sharper, Brighter (way more awesome) in direct view, but move more than 20 degrees off center and Plasma wins, except in a bright room

Do appreciate the fact that the connectors run along the Samsung UN55C8000 instead of straight out the back (very nice!). Do not like the permanently affixed power cord. TV should have a physical power button accessible on the back  Quality Control: 5/10 - I'm just waiting for the capacitors to fail now. I'm not feeling good about the amount of people receiving possessed TVs. See below.ֲ Average my ratings except quality control (and the easily replaced remote) and I would give this set 4 out of 5 stars. It's good, but significant room for improvement on a high end consumer TV.ֲ Unfortunately, the Samsung UN55C8000 looses another precious star since the original TV Amazon replaced for me had a serious problem:ֲ Each morning watching satellite, within about 15 minutes of powering on (and remotes hidden away), TV changes input to PC/Cable, static appears in the back, lower right red indicator is flashing quickly (as if remote is sending commands) and TV is unresponsive to front panel buttons and most remote buttons. I was able to get the input back to HDMI by pressing Menu on the remote, but took repeated tries. To bring the TV back to normal, I had to physically disconnect power cable from the wall (very annoying) as the regular power button doesn't work.ֲ Mine became possessed with CEC (Anynet) turned on or off. With Anynet control connection enabled on the receiver, it switched my receiver to another input and turned it off. As a test when TV was possessed I disconnected the only cable (HDMI) connected to the TV to see if that helped it recover. The TV remained unresponsive to the remote/front panel and continued to flash the red indicator as if it was receiving commands. Based on this and that the replacement under the same setup does not go crazy, the errant commands were not coming off of HDMI-CEC.ֲ Once I was able to get the TV out of the unresponsive flashy mode by pressing buttons on the front panel. Another time, the TV rebooted on its own, but cleared ALL of my settings and came up in demo mode (which I exited through the normal plug and play menu setting). Having seen demo mode, I can determine that what the TV was doing before the reboot was certainly not demo mode.ֲ I believe the control board in the Samsung is likely faulty, and since only a few others see this maybe be a yield issue in the Tijuana factory. Maybe it is temperature related, my house is a few degrees cooler in the morning. As the TV warms up an improperly soldered chip makes complete contact and confuses the remote sensor. Maybe its a grounding issue (loose connection).ֲ Technical details:ֲ Tested with firmware 1006, 1016, 1017.ֲ Yamaha RX-V765 AVR connected by HDMI to TV. Tried with HDMI control on and off, no difference.ֲ PS3 (HDMI), Dish Network PIV 722 (HDMI), and PS2 (component) connected to AVRֲ Other than the single HDMI connection from AVR and power cable through basic surge protector, no other connections to TV.

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REVIEW Samsung UN55C8000

The 3D TV reviews has been playing an important role when it comes to influencing people's buying decisions. There are many good and promising high definition television sets which are out in the market today. The product reviews that we read somehow affect the decisions we make as far as product features are concerned. One of the products that are gaining so much good reviews today is the Samsung UN55C8000. It has been said that this is the most popular TV model from Samsung today. 

This brand Samsung  has been known all over the world for providing the international market with the most powerful television sets.Its size is the most obvious reason why many gadget and technology reviewers love the Samsung UN55C8000. The screen measures 55 inches. Because of the big screen, this HDTV is very promising when it comes to better viewing and it is also good for large living rooms. 

Movie enthusiasts will really have a wonderful time watching their favorite movies with their friends and family in their own living room using this 3D television set UN55C8000. If you are sports fanatic, this can be a great gadget to use to watch your favorite sport being aired live on your television set. A 3D TV UN55C8000 can revolutionize your movie watching. It would be as if your are physically in the sporting arena where the your favorite sport is being played live.Most of the 3D TV reviews also tell us that this model allows the consumers to save more energy. This is because of its LED technology that we can find in the TV set UN55C8000. However, its viewing quality is still very superior allowing us to enjoy watching movies or even play computer games on this high definition television set. Despite the fact that Samsung UN55C8000 comes with lots of wonderful features, consumers should still expect a price tag which may be a little expensive than other brands for 3D HDTV.

For gamers, the Samsung UN55C8000 is a good news to them. Gaming with the use of this TV set can really be very pleasurable and highly remarkable. Aside from its 3D technology, it has a game mode that is built in. This feature is very suitable for games with advanced graphic technology and fast speed. Its sounds have been enhanced to make gaming mode very exciting and fun.The great thing that most of the 3D TV reviews say about this brand of television is its ability to allow the users to stream videos over the internet. The Samsung UN55C8000 can allow streaming of movies online or watch videos on YouTube. This is the added feature in 3D HDTV from Samsung that we can barely see in other brands of television sets.

3D TV Converter Optimizing Your 3D TV Experience

There is no doubt that 3D movies makers have movie goers watching one 3D movie to another. The magical display of effects, animation and images leave you dazzled after watching a 3D movie. If you want to watch it again (or perhaps missed watching it), you can always purchase a 3D DVD after a few weeks of its release. But, the equipment to play this DVD might be bit costly for your wallet. Here is where a 3D TV converter comes in.

3D movies are here to stay. Since 2009, there is nothing but good movies in three dimensional features. One of the most talked about movie up for Oscars is Avatar. This is a must see movie. To really appreciate a three dimensional movie you need to see one.Although 3D movies have more than its fair share of success in the entertainment world, it has its drawbacks. You must have the right equipment to truly appreciate a 3D movie.A 3D TV converter is one way to ensure you get a great picture. Standard television might not deliver the same effects due to its 2-dimensional features. A 3D TV converter would only cost approximately 100$.

It is also inexpensive with the same fun factor as those rendered with 3D ready gadgets.A 3D TV converter been truly recognized as an amazing gadget that will help you get 3D pictures for less. Today, many individuals find this a cost-effective entertainment device.With an analog TV, a digital converter box is used to receive digital transmissions. All you need to do is buy this 3D TV converter box in your local stores or online. It might be best to have that digital converter fit your television first before purchasing it. If you want to purchase it online, look for positive customer reviews just to ensure that you are purchasing a sturdy and high-quality digital converter.

When you connect this converter  to your television, you will receive 3D images like those in HDTV. Although there might be some discrepancies, you still get satisfactory results compared to an expensive HDTV.Enjoying a good 3D movie does not have to be costly. It would be great if you have all the 3D ready gadgets but it is not necessary. With a 3D TV converter, you get a great picture and movie experience for a lower cost. So, grab your favorite drinks and snacks and make it a 3D movie night tonight!

The Arrival of 3D TV

You would have to have your head in the sand not to notice the surge in interest for 3D entertainment. In the process investing tens of millions of dollars.It is anticipated that in just five years a quarter of all newly sold TVs will be in 3D

A staggering estimate considering the price of some TV. Also any television is capable of displaying 3D images but the quality is simply much poorer on a standard televisions. One of the first 3D movies, Jaws  3D TV, fails to compare to the quality of modern three dimensional movies.Now technology companies are even taking steps to create televisions which can be viewed in 3DTV without the infamous glasses and software is also being developed which is able to convert standard two dimensional images into full 3D TV.The concept that movies from up to forty years could one day be viewed in 3D must have been inconceivable when the film was original made. But, for movie fans it must be a mouth watering prospect to view there favourites movies in a completely new format.However, not only is 3D expected to be a huge success because of movies but because of three dimensional sport. Sports broadcasters are already holding trials of live 3DTV sport in cinemas and pubs. With the arrival of 3D televisions sports fans are now able to view live 3DTV sport in their own living rooms.The explosion in 3D televisions is supported by the massive development in flat screen technology which has seen the crucial refresh of televisions grow rapidly. When flat screen televisions first hit the market they were infamous for their blur and image drag but now it is possible to watch 3D movies and live sport without image distortion.Therefore, the arrival of 3D technology isn't just a snap decision made by a single entertainment technology developer. It is based on billions of dollars and the evolution in television technology since the first flat screen televisions hit the market over ten years ago.

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review Samsung UN55C8000 Outstanding quality of Samsung UN55C8000

his review is from: Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Electronics) Samsung UN55C8000 TV has outstanding quality, brightness is just absolutely awesome. Contrast ratio absolutely outstanding (black is black not gray). I used to own Sony's TV but they are falling back with warranty, claims, they are not standing behind theirs product these days anymore etc in my experience. Maybe quality of Sony is still good but its nothing comparable to Samsung UN55C8000. I love this tv. Settings are great. I did a lot of research before making purchase and this TV is for me the Best, N0.1. In regards to 3D i think is Great, in my opinion its the highest technology available among all tv's at this point  Samsung UN55C8000

Best TV I have ever owned! review Samsung UN55C8000

This review is from: Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Electronics)
Simply the best TV myself or my family has ever owned. My little brother can play Halo: Reach and Black Ops in 3d (this awesome TV can make 2d images into 3d if you want) and when he is off to bed I can hook up my Alienware to it and rock the gaming world in 3d till the sun comes up. The first movie I watched on it was Monsters vs Aliens in 3d. Absolutely amazing picture. Doing a lot of research before I slapped down the money for this I quickly came the understanding that if you want a TV that lasts, has all the features you want, is so thin that it is thinner than my laptop, and to top it all off makes your jerk father in law cry inside because he doesn't have one as awesome as you, get a Samsung 8000 series Samsung UN55C8000. If you want to see this thing in person I know the Best Buy near me has one out on display so yours might as well. Just do yourself a favor and give in, buy it, you wont regret it. If you do you should go over to somebody's house with some other TV, you wont regret yours anymore Samsung UN55C8000.

review Samsung UN55C8000 awesome tv. still don't care for 3d

This review is from: Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Electronics)
Samsung UN55C8000 is an awesome tv! picture is great! black levels are deep darkness. it even plays movies/music off of the usb!

i am not, however, impressed by the 3d quite yet. i would recommend skipping out on the 3d until all the titles become more in numbers, and they stop with the exclusivity crap and you can actually buy them.

Simply Stunning!! Samsung UN55C8000

Hi , I recieved Samsung UN55C8000 TV about a week ago, since then I am trying to calibrate the colors on the Tv for a good visual experience .
the colors and picture is excellent while playing a blu ray movie , especially I totally enjoyed watchin the new Ninja assasins movie all over again, all I have to say is , its a total different experience in blu ray and watchin on this tv.
The bad is , watching standard def on this tv is bad , lot of scaling , purple fringing of dark scenes or dark clothes .
Watching the tv from the sides about 20 to 30 degrees away from the mid point of view on either sides detoriates the color of the image on the tv and increases the scaling .
For some reason I always notice a lot of purple fringing of dark objects with std def movies and even dvds .
So over all Samsung UN55C8000 an ok tv , best for watching only high def programmes and definetely is annoying tv to watch standard definition , because its not even able to reproduce atleast the quality of colors that my CRT tv used to reproduce with regular programming .
If you have some old programmes that you want to watch or old movies , this is definetely not the tv to buy as you will be totally disappointed and frustrated with the image and color reproduction of this TV .
Its only good to watch high def movies or shows only .
3D movies are good to watch , definetely the 2D - 3D conversion feature is fun to watch some movies , as I enjoyed watching the movie 300 in blu ray this way .
I am not too happy with this purchase after paying over 2K for this TV, thinking about changing it .
thank you for reading< enjoy shopping and have a wonderful holidays .

5.0 review Samsung UN55C8000 out of 5 stars Nice TV compare to any other LED/LED TV's

This review is from: Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Electronics)
If you looking for LED TV then UN55C8000 is the only one... And if you looking for Plasma TV then PN58C8000... I was looking for TV for my living room and there was lot of Lights in room thats why I pick LED/LCD... But if you looking for TV for your dark room then def. go with Plasma........ Panasonic VIERA® VT25 is also good but its too thick compare to Samsung UN55C8000....

review Samsung UN55C8000 Out to the movies at home

This LED Samsung UN55C8000 55 TV truly bring all aspects of the movie theater to our home. Dish Network and my Samsung 6900 Blueray are run through a Denon AVR991 reciever. Speakers ar ORB. My home theater is probably a step up from the average movie theater.

perfect Samsung UN55C8000

This review is from: Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Electronics)
I bought this Samsung UN55C8000 and was totally suprised on how perfect the image quality is. I would buy another if it wasn't so pricey. I love to watch movies on Samsung UN55C8000 tv. Only problem I had was the local dimming. I was disappointed because everytime time i turn the lights off to watch the brightness would lower and would make it very hard for me to watch.

3D LED is Fine by me! review Samsung UN55C8000

This review is from: Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Electronics)
I really enjoy this television set. I originally bought the 44" for my bedroom and liked it so much I bought the larger version Samsung UN55C8000 for my family room.

It's crisp, clear, bright and incredibly responsive when given good material to play and using a quality HD input mechanism.

The Samsung UN55C8000 is fairly thin and mounted well on a regular flat mount, though it took two of us to install it due to weight and just wanting to be careful.

It has a number of connections in back and the set comes with several connecting cables/converters to allow you to plug into the back of the set.

On my bedroom set, I use the TV audio directly and the quality is good - though the loudest setting isn't quite as loud as I would expect.

The 3D on the smaller unit is nice, but I was surprised at how much better the 3D experience was on the larger set - it was really amazing. The glasses for 3D are a bit steep, but I bought mine with my first set in a promotion run by Samsung.

Coupled with other Samsung devices (BluRay and DVD/VHS player), the TV auto-senses the device and adjusts accordingly.

The only thing I don't like about this set is the on/off sound that it plays (it can be disabled though) and the auto-dimming feature. I have a sky light in my bedroom and I find that when the TV adjusts to the lights getting dimmer, I have to also adjust to the dimmer output of the TV, but it's not anything dramatic - it just is very noticeable because it doesn't dim slowly, rather it just adjusts suddenly.

All in all, an excellent television set and I'm happy to own two of Samsung UN55C8000!

5.0 review Samsung UN55C8000 out of 5 stars Excellent 3D TV

1.  Excellent picture quality.

2. Stunning color reproductions.
3. Looks awesome. :)
4. I have not adjusted any picture settings and yet the video looks good.
5. 3D contents are impressive.
6. 2D->3D is poor.

Random comments ON Samsung UN55C8000:
1. Getting price match from Amazon is time consuming. I spent about 35 minutes on the phone. They did match the price finally.
2. Amazon will price match ONLY ONCE.
3. Delivery communication was poor. Online status said the delivery company (Pilot) left voice mail twice to schedule delivery but I did not get any voice mail. I called the company to schedule appointment and they said the TV has not yet arrived and I should wait for their call!! Finally I got an email to schedule an appointment and made the appointment online. Now another company called about making an appointment to deliver a TV!! Turns out this company is Pilot's sub contractor. Anyways the TV was finally delivered after a week of placing the order.
4. You need at least 3 people to assemble the stand.
5. The Samsung UN55C8000 worked right out of the box.
6. Got the Samsung 3D Blu-ray player and Shrek starter kit free with the TV.
7. A week later Amazon added the link stick also free to the bundle with 3D Blu-ray player and Shrek starter kit.
8. DLNA support is clumsy. Finally I was able to get it working with the free media server TVersity. Both Samsung PC Share manager and windows media streaming did not work well.
9. Optical out from the TV supports 5.1 for cable tv input only and for all other inputs like cablebox, bd player, PS3, etc only stereo is supported.
10. Typing anything using the remote when using Samsung apps is very difficult and frustrating.

Overall very happy with the purchase OF Samsung UN55C8000.
There are so many features to explore. Highly recommend this TV.
Purchase it and you will be happy. Amazon's price is the best in the market. Their price match policy and
return policy is also good for large TVs like this.

Edit: There is a Samsung app for iPhone\iPod touch called Samsung remote. You can use this app to control your TV and also use it to type text easily while using Samsung Apps. This makes tying very easy compared to the remote supplied with the TV Samsung UN55C8000.

review Samsung UN55C8000 Great TV for a Great Price But Stay Away From Pilot

bout the TV I'm very happy with the  3D stuff and THE Samsung UN55C8000 looks great in my room and in the hall (got 2) 1 came with defective source function but Samsung fixed 3 days later (great costumer service)
but about the delivery from Pilot not happy at all, I don't know why a company like Amazon work with Pilot Freight, because costumer service is very bad, delivery very bad, communication very bad, why? because they never delivered as amazon promised (i don't know why you make an appointment if they do not going to make it) when I call Pilot to check my status was unpleasant, no friendly and no courtesy at all (when you buy something like this you want good service), the guy delivery is the worst part of the history, I think the guy have 5 divorce and get $1 per hour paid because oh my god! Lurch from Addams Family was in party compare to this guy and when I ask about that he have to open the box and assemble the TV, he almost kill me, because in the 1st TV delivery they did it and Amazon Agent told me that they have to do it to check that everything is fine. without mention that I get another LG TV for a friend and she stay at home all day because we make an appointment for that day and Pilot never make it (she lost 1 day job just to wait for the TV) when we call Pilot to see what happen, well... they lost the tv somewhere and she get TV 8 days later. Just talk to an Amazon Agent and try to request a different service, because Amazon have a great service just stay away from Pilot, I'm not the only one with bad experience with Pilot.
In other words the TV Samsung UN55C8000 is AWESOME but pilot is the worst company I have ever seen, Amazon please get another company for this service
PD: sorry for my English still working on it

Slick and great performer!!!! review Samsung UN55C8000

This is my second Samsung HDTV. Bought Samsung UN55C8000 after thorough research of reviews from all online sites including Samsung UN55C8000 review. Then my friend bought the C6300 a few months ago and heard about the built-in apps features and picture quality from him as well. Used it to watch Shrek 1,2, and 3 in 3D and like the 3D quality as well. This TV allows active 3D viewing as well which means all TV content can be viewed as 3D (to some extent). DTV programmes are better converted to 3D quality and are crispy. Even the delivery team mentioned this was extremely thin (0.9 inches!!!) and the first of its kind! Can access and share all my media (videos, pictures, music) from any PC using the Samsung WiFi adaptor (sold separately). NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Vudu are awesome on this TV. It breathes life into my games on XBox 360 (First Generation !!!). The built-in RF antenna is very powerful and catches all the local DTV channels. Hooked up my Macbook Pro through HDMI and even that gave an awesome monitor!

REVIEW Samsung UN55C8000

Pros: Razor sharp image,
Vibrant colors,
Excellent Black (there is an adjustment to make it even blacker.)
Total control over the settings
2D to 3D up-convert
Brushed Chrome Bezel

Cons: 3D eye fatigue

So I read a ton of reviews about Samsung UN55C8000 and just about every other TV out there, plasma, normal lcd and led-lcd. I went to several stores sat in front of each and finally decided on the Samsung UN55C8000. So why did I do it. Plasmas, although I already own one, have a few drawbacks of there own. They get incredibly hot, especially when you have kids that keep them on 24-7 etc. etc. So I had decided upon an edge lit Led with local dimming since they offered great black levels without the extra $$$ required for a full back-lit array led. I was also seduced by the option of 3D, since a local retailer was offering a great deal on a couple of models that put them down in my price range (led not the plasmas.) That brought me in front of two makes, the Sony and the Samsung. When it comes down to a plug it in and forget it TV I would say the Sony wins the fight. However when it comes down to which one produces the best picture, Samsung has it hands down. The Samsung UN55C8000 is built to be adjusted in every way you wish to with the ability to revert back to factory settings with a simple click. The vibrant colors and clarity of picture on the Samsung was just stunning. Side by side you could see that the Sony almost looked gray and washed out compared to it. A bright yellow screen would pop on both sets and you could see the difference instantly. The other problem was that the Sony couldn't reproduce a decent White, no matter how I messed with the settings. So that sealed it up for me. I bought the Samsung UN55C8000 and took it home.

Now to address some concerns on negative reviews. The "Soap Opera" effect can be turned off completely or adjusted several ways in the menus to meet your needs. The reason I have found for why it is so extreme is that while watching a 3D movie it compensates for the fact that the shuttering lenses of the glasses don't miss bits of the on screen action and it actually smooths out the picture making the 3D content more fluid. While watching 3D with it on it actually makes the movie seem normal. With it off you see a huge difference in the quality drop off. It also is a great effect for watching sports as it clarifies the picture. Although while watching the Quantum of Solace I turned it off completely.

The colors on screen do wash out if you watch from an angle. Since I am the master of my cave, this is no concern for me, that is everyone else's problem. However with the colors washed out it looks more like the Sony straight on. After studying every LCD out there, this is not just a Samsung problem. If you don't want to deal with this then buy a plasma. However this is more noticeable in a well lit room with the screen back lights on full. In a dark room with the back light dimmed it is greatly diminished, almost unnoticeable.

I read a review that said you could not tilt your head or watch 3D from an angle. This is not correct. I have watched from far down my hall, from an angle and even lying down. So I don't know what that was all about, maybe a firmware update corrected that. I don't know. The one draw back to the whole 3D experience is that it does cause eye fatigue. I don't know if that is a problem with the other sets out there, Sony had a special room set up at a retailer with a static image to show it off, but not in a real world application. The Panasonic glasses were broken. The one highlight of the 3D experience however is the ability to make a 2d movie 3d. It is not exactly the same as a native 3d flick, however it does add a lot of depth and it does not create as much eye fatigue. I tried it out watching "How to Tame Your Dragon" 2d blue ray, and "The Quantum of Solace" also a 2D blue ray.

Overall if you want the Best edge lit LED out there for the picture, get the Samsung. It will blow you away how razor sharp the image is.

I love it! The TV is WONDERFUL! review Samsung UN55C8000

I love it! The Samsung UN55C8000 TV is WONDERFUL!

The Samsung UN55C8000 TV is my first 3D HD! The 3D effect is fun. The negative part is that not many 3D movies are available. I have to rent 3D movies, but the selection is very limited! Netflix doesn't have many. I have Dish and they don't have any 3D channels.

This is a great deal with the bluray player and starter kit. Everything was easy to set up. With such a large screen it seems that more than 2 people will be watching a movie so it would be nice to have more than two 3D glasses.

I love that this Samsung UN55C8000 led is much more energy efficient. The TV itself is very sleek and I hang it on the wall! It looks great there.

REVIEW Samsung UN55C8000

Let me start by saying that I do own this Samsung UN55C8000 TV, and it is replacing the c7000 model. About a month ago I walked into a local retailer and asked when the 3D sets were coming out, to my surprise they had just received the first shipment of C7000 3D ready sets from Samsung. After spending about a half an hour checking out the Samsung UN55C8000 TV, and asking a lot of questions I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Samsung UN55C8000 TV, 3D Blu-Ray player, and starter kit. My intentions were not to buy a new set that day, but it was getting to be time to upgrade anyway so I wanted to have something with some "wow factor" for a while. A friend and I loaded up the set and got the connections made, cracked a couple of beers and checked out my new investment. There were mixed reactions to say the least. Once the novelty of the 3D wears off you can be really critical of that model. Huge amount of "crosstalk" on the picture, and cloudy bright spots with "flashlighting" in the bottom two corners. Very disappointing. I went back to the store to look at the display model again and did not see a fraction of the issues that my set was showing. The salesperson said that the Panasonic Plasma should be coming in any day and they expected it to be light years ahead of the Samsung in picture quality, black level, no crosstalk, etc.

After a week or so I went in to see the Panasonic that was now also on display only to see the same issues with crosstalk in 3D. The 2D experience on the Panasonic was quite good but at the time the only size available was 50", and I was replacing a 62" set and really didn't want to make that drastic of a change. So on bright pictures the Samsung was absolutely stunning! In a dark room while watching a dark movie the picture was just unacceptable for a TV in this price range. At this point I figured that I would return the TV, and wait for one of the larger Panasonic's to hit the stores.

Then I saw that the C8000 was being released earlier than expected, and had new technology called Pinpoint Dimming. After doing quite a bit of reading reviews, and others' experience with the Samsung locally dimmed set's I decided to give Samsung another chance before going to Plasma. Amazon had the TV for sale before my local retailer so I placed the order and crossed my fingers that I would not be returning two new TV's instead of one. Well let me wrap this up by saying that I am sooooo glad that I made this choice! The C8000 is absolutely stunning in aesthetic quality, and is the best picture quality I have probably ever seen! Dare I say it is even better than the 8500 from last year that gets such great reviews. There is no flashlighting, the black levels are completely pitch black, and as another reviewer already stated, once you get the picture dialed in the way you like it there really is no comparison. Everyone that sees the TV in my house has to stop and watch for a while, in fact, the downside to owning it is that I can't get people to go home!

Now with that being said, there are some minor observations that would be different in a perfect world. If you put this set in a large room and watch it from a large angle you will lose some of the black levels, and for the price it really should have wifi built in. Also, in the menu's it seems that some settings should be grouped together under the headings, so you have to jump around in the menu's a bit to get your set dialed in, but this is typically not something you will be doing all the time. Other than that I really can't see a problem with it. When considering the C7000 or C8000 do yourself a favor and choose the latter. Even if this set was hundreds of dollars more it would be worth it. This one will be hard to beat.

UPDATE: After having the TV for about a week it started having some technical issues like switching sources randomly, and changing the picture settings for no reason. Samsung tech support was very good and we thought initially the problems were being caused by the Logitech remote I use, however after increased tech issues the TV had to be returned. Being that the picture quality is so exceptional on this set I have already replaced it with another one of the same model purchased at retail (for much less money actually) and am keeping my fingers crossed that this one does not have any technical issues. I am leaving my review at five stars simply because every so often you can get a bum product, or something could have happened during shipping, but have to say that Samsung, and Amazon have been really great about taking care of me on this, and the picture quality really is very good. Reading the other reviews I am surprised that anyone would not give this a five star rating. When replacing my C8000 I checked out one of the last B8500's still available, and side by side I have to say that not only me, but most people in the store were more impressed with the C8000. By the way, I have owned several products that C-net gave very high ratings that I had no success with, and vice versa, so I really think it comes down to your own expectations on a purchase like this.

REVIEW Samsung UN55C8000

This review is from: Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Electronics)
First off I want to be clear about the kind of review this is intended to be. I am not a profession TV rater. I am not a videophile. I am a regular Joe and I am reviewing this for the regular Joe who is thinking about spending more than usual on a good quality television. During the next few months, I'm sure you can find a more professional review from the usual places... But for now, this is my impressions.

CORNER LIGHT: After reading many reviews on last years B8000 and this year's C7000, I was worried about the light that emits from the corners. I've seen displays of last year's B8000 and this year's C7000 and have VERY easily seen what people are talking about. I took a big gamble in purchasing this TV before I read if people were having issues with this C8000. So let me say... After watching this  TV for about 5 hours per day for 3 days... I have NOT seen the light coming from the edges as seen on other sets. And believe me I've been looking. I tried to find it watching the HD feed on Time Warner Cable, Blu-ray's from the PS3, Blu-Ray's from the Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player, watching at night, during the day... Nothing. I just do not see it!

LOOKS: This Samsung UN55C8000 TV looks just amazing. It has a VERY dark black screen. It looks as beautiful turned off as it does on. I was nervous about the brush metal look, but it actually looks very nice and compliments the new chromed four-legged stand.

PICTURE: The picture clarity looks incredible. It's as if I'm discovering HD for the first time. This set replaces a Samsung DLP set, so of course this is a vast improvement. Having said that, I have a newer plasma in the bedroom and this set looks much better than that. As with all new LED sets with 240 Hz, there is a bit of the Spanish Soap Opera/Home Video look to it. Some people really like this, some people don't. I really like it. For those of you that don't, you can always turn this feature down or off. To me this makes the picture look very clear and it makes it stand out from the other sets.

3D: Along with Samsung UN55C8000 TV I purchased the Samsung 3D Bluray player so I can get the 3D startup kit for free. Turning the 3D feature on and connecting the glasses was easy. The intro to Monsters v. Aliens was very cool. The opening scene in outer space looked incredible. The ball tied to a paddle part was funny and kinda made me jump a little. I haven't spent too much time with 3D but I did notice that there were some scenes in the movie that had a double image while wearing the glasses. It doesn't happen a lot, but it is noticeable. You can see this right away during the church scene at the beginning of the movie. It was a little annoying. I'm hoping that this is the kind of stuff that gets ironed out with a firmwear update, or as more content is released, they learn to fix it.

OnlineTV: This is also a very new area for me. I never understood the need for me to want apps on my TV... But its actually kina cool. I've tried a few apps but my favorite by far is the Pandora app. I'm a big fan of Pandora and this app I actually like better on my TV than online or the iPhone. The only thing I hate is that Samsung did not have Wifi built in. I think pricing this set at the $3000+ mark should be enough to include it with the set and not require me to drop another $80 for the USB adapter. I just hardwired it, but that's another wire I don't like dealing with.

USB: I wanted to mention that this set allows you to connect a USB external hard drive and play music, photo's and movies directly from the HDD. I have a Western Digital 320GB Passport filled with movies and music, and I was able to navigate the files structure in the drive using the remote quite easily. And it played all the files formats I threw at it.

No corner light!!!
Very dark screen.
Very clear picture
Pandora Samsung App
3D was surprisingly fun
USB external HDD capable

Slight double images on 3D.
Wifi requires an $80 USB adaptor.

Overall I am very satisfied with the Samsung UN55C8000. Even with the few CONS, this set to this average Joe is a definite 5 star! As I spend more time with the set, I'll be sure to update this review OF Samsung UN55C8000 if I find something worth mentioning.

Please feel free to ask me questions ABOUT Samsung UN55C8000 and I'll try my best to answer them. I know how nerve wrecking buying a big ticket item such as this is... So I would be glad to help as much as I can.

Which Size HDTV is Right for My Room?

Which Size HDTV is Right for My Room?

HDTV Size chart With standard-definition TVs, the rule used to be that viewers would feel comfortable watching a set from a distance of 3 to 6 times the screen size in inches. With HDTV, the resolution is so much better that you can sit closer to a larger TV without noticing the pixels. So with HDTVs, the rule tends to be you can sit anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times the screen size (in inches) for the best experience. If you know the size of the room you have already, where you want to sit, and where your new HDTV should go once you get it, you can figure out the size HDTV you should get
Samsung UN55C8000.
  • Minimum size = Viewing distance/3
  • Maximum size=Viewing distance/1.5
  • Samsung UN55C8000


SAMSUNG SMART TV lets you enjoy more with Internet TV, allowing you to receive content via Yahoo!, Flickr, and more on screen. It also includes a content library so you can enjoy pre-loaded content, such as cooking recipes and fitness exercises. Plus, DLNA CERTIFIED connectivity lets you remotely access your PC's personal media so that you can download music, video, and photos and enjoy them anywhere in the home your TV is.1

1 Internet access and either Ethernet connection or wireless LAN access required.

Product Description

Samsung LED HDTVs combine breakthrough picture quality and advanced connectivity options that will keep you entertained 24/7. This Samsung UN55C8000 LED HDTV also makes it easy to be green, and will save you some green, by being ENERGY STAR compliant.

Samsung UN55C8000 Evolution of 3D

Samsung 55C7000

Evolution of 3D
Over the years, 3D has evolved to now give you a great experience. Samsung brings the wonder of 3D home with full color and high resolution. Imagine breathtaking images with immersive depth and dimension that you can watch from your sofa ON THE Samsung UN55C8000
Samsung 55C7000


Web-connected apps on your Samsung UN55C8000 TV

Samsung Apps
Choose apps built for your TV that let you stream video, play games, view pictures and more.
• Video: BLOCKBUSTER (new movie releases), YouTube (user-generated content), Amazon Video On Demand, and Netflix (instantly stream TV shows and movies).
• Games: Monopoly from EA, interactive card games and more.
• Lifestyle: Facebook (social networking), Twitter (conversations and updates), Pandora (personalized internet radio) and more.
• Sports and information: the latest stories, headlines and more from Associated Press and USA Today.
* Requires either a wired or wireless connection – see setup guide for details.
Connect wirelessly
The Samsung LinkStick makes it easy to access online content wirelessly. Plug the LinkStick into the back of your HDTV, and you’re connected.

Energy efficient OF Samsung UN55C8000

To all the advantages of our LED screen like brilliant color, sharp contrast and low energy consumption, add one more. Mercury-free. While conventional LCD TVs contain mercury, our LED TVs have zero, achieved by using a toxic-free LED lamp instead of CCFL. It is even up to 50% more efficient than the latest ENERGY STAR specifications (depending on series and screen size, in standard mode).

Samsung 3D tv

Visually stunning Samsung UN55C8000

Innovative LED picture quality: Creates a picture with an exceptionally large range of contrast and color, making images appear more real.

Samsung 240Hz Clear Motion Rate technology: Delivers even the fastest onscreen motion with 240 frames per second, for utterly lifelike clarity.

Samsung 3D tvUltra Slim 1.1" depth: Stunning at only 1.1" deep

Learn More Samsung UN55C8000

Learn More ON Samsung UN55C8000

Samsung UN55C8000 3D LED TV

See vivid new dimensions in picture depth and action that leaps off the TV screen. The Samsung 3D experience* is:
• Watching 3D movies and shows on a Samsung 3D TV with stylish and comfortable 3D Active glasses.
• Connecting a Samsung 3D Blu-ray Disc Player immerses you in the latest Hollywood 3D hits.
• Converting 2D movies, sports and shows to 3D.
Samsung UN55C8000  3D Active glasses are the gateway to Samsung 3D entertainment. Click here to learn more.

* 3D viewing experience depends on source of 3D content. Samsung 3D TVs are compatible with the Blu-ray Disc Association standard and both broadcast standards.

55C7000 How Samsung UN55C8000 3D Works
Our eyes are spaced apart from each other, which means our left and right retinas see objects at slightly different angles. In real life, the brain merges these two images into a single three-dimensional image. To recreate this experience of depth on television, a 3D TV will display two separate but overlapping images of the same scene simultaneously, and at slightly different angles as well. One image is intended for the left eye, the other for the right. A pair of Active Glasses helps viewers perceive the two 2D images as one 3D image.

 Samsung UN55C8000 3D Style
See all the jaw-dropping 3D action through Samsung's sleek Active Glasses (sold separately). These glasses use a shutter technique to quickly block the left eye, and then the right, in sync with the TV which itself is alternating left and right images rapidly. This is fast enough that the brain perceives no gaps. The glasses help the mind merge the two images into one, creating a 3D effect and offering a deep, immersive experience. Samsung offers two forms of 3D glasses - battery operated and rechargable - that will fit comfortably over perscription glasses.

Samsung UN55C8000

Connections ON Samsung UN55C8000
  • 4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia
    Interface) version 1.4: 4 back
  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Allows peripheral AV devices such as a DVD player to be controlled by a Samsung TV remote control.
  • USB: 2 side
  • PC input: 1 back
  • Ethernet: 1 back
  • Optical sound output: 1 back
  • Component video input: 1 back
Dimensions Samsung UN55C8000
  • TV without stand: 50.5 x 30.4 x .09 inches (WxHxD); 48.5 pounds
  • TV with stand: 50.5 x 32.8 x 12.1 inches (WxHxD); 53.4 pounds
  • What size TV should you get?
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